Fall 2020 Thus Far

Welcome back or welcome to Adventures at Franklin! Every year at FUS is very different, but the start to the fall 2020 semester has been particularly different. Orientation was virtual. People have had to quarantine. Classes have both online and in-person. The North Campus Dining Hall is open for longer than the Grotto?!?!?! 🤯🤯🤯 These are just some of the changes that fall 2020 has brought. I wanted to use this week's post to highlight some of the other changes that fall 2020 has brought, but I also wanted to highlight some of the constants and FUS traditions that have remained. Here is a quick summary of the events of fall 2020 thus far. 

Orientation Week:

This year, orientation week was virtual for the first time ever. I have covered what a traditional orientation week looks like, which you can read about here. A virtual orientation can never replace how fun, how hectic, and how memorable an actual in-person orientation can, but I think the orientation team did a wonderful job this year given this unique time that we live in. Click here to find out more about virtual orientation and watch some of the videos that replaced a traditional in-person session. Below is a schedule of some important events that are orientation related. 


Many FUS students had to quarantine for 10 days upon arrival. This time period can be extremely testing for the people in quarantine, but also for those around campus tasked with making the quarantine as easy as possible. Click here to read more about the quarantine time period and the food situation for people in quarantine. I expect that quarantining upon arrival will have to continue for some time, so I hope FUS uses the experience from this semester to improve for the future.

Activities (Tutte Le Strade as called in previous years):

One thing to be certain of at FUS is that there is always something going on. Despite this unique time, there were and are still so many activities in-person and virtually. I am particularly impressed with the range of activities made available for those in quarantine (i.e. virtual UNO, speed friending, Cards Against Humanity, Video Games etc.). Here is a list of different activities that have happened in the first 3 weeks, and a few events on the horizon.

The Hybrid Model

FUS has used a hybrid model composed of in-person and virtual attendance for classes. I have had the opportunity to attend class both virtually and in person throughout these 3 weeks. From my experience, the hybrid model has been mostly successful. There are pros and cons to online class, some of which I have covered in a previous post. There are also cons to the hybrid model i.e. technology not cooperating, sound issues, a lack of knowledge on how to use the technology, professors favoring people in class or vice versa and favoring those connecting remotely, being unable to socially distance in the classroom because of lack of space etc. However all in all, I think FUS have prepared the classrooms very adequately, and it has made it possible to learn and attend class in person and remotely. Click here to read more about the hybrid model.

Sidenote: I've noticed that a few classes are also spending more time outside during class, which is great because social distancing is easier to do.


Convocation is a ceremony to welcome the new FUS students. In recent years, FUS planted a tree during convocation, so that as the newest students of FUS continue to grow, so will the tree. Click here to read more, and click here to watch the tree planting ceremony!

Finally, this semester has started so differently, and it is obviously due to COVID-19. If you are interested to read a pretty thorough plan of FUS' COVID-19 management strategy, then click here.

It's been a wild ride so far, but the show must go on. Stay safe and stay healthy! 

A presto,



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