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The Postcolonial Identity --- by Natalia de Leon '22

Growing up in Guatemala, I never realized the postcolonial environment that surrounded me until I left for university. My postcolonial identity permeated unto little things. When a friend was proofreading an essay of mine, she brought to my attention that I had not capitalized the word "Indigenous." It did not come from any sort of malicious intent. However, I am proof that little things like that are so subconsciously in your head as an effect of being raised in a postcolonial environment with a privileged postcolonial identity. "The distance enables us to actually more clearly see how our countries operate," says Franklin University Switzerland 's Postcolonial Studies Professor Kate Roy . It was until I left Guatemala that I noticed the lasting effects colonialism has in the country and even on my identity. Of course, I knew that there was strong Spanish influence in Guatemala, but I could not clearly visualize the legacy that colonialism had left absolute

Surviving an EX --- by Saverio Multin '22

Hello to all of my heartbroken, sad, miserable and depressed people. Thank you for joining me on this quick article about the realities of an ex and what happens next. Before we go any further you must know some realities you must face. Life is very short, but in reality, it’s actually longer than you think. You tend to grow up fast but you sometimes forget to look around. Sometimes you forget to look around and see the reality of the truth. Sometimes we even forget to see what we have in front of us is really not so bad after all. From this as you can already tell by the article name we’re getting into the aspect of the ending of a relationship. And just to warn you it’s not gonna be so happy. A lot of people will sugarcoat the fact of what really happens at the end of a relationship and they’re only going to tell you what you want to hear. No one‘s going to tell you the reality that it’s going to suck no matter what happens. This is scary to hear and this is probably something that y