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A New Semester!

Hello everyone! Welcome back! I had a lovely winter break and hope that you all did as well. Us students arrived back on campus last week, and now that I am finally unpacked and settled in a little, I finally had the time to write this post. I have some super exciting things coming up this semester on the blog! I can't wait to share them with you!  a) I am going to do a little FAQ on financial aid at Franklin  b) I am collaborating with several other Franklin students on a videography project entitled "Faces of Franklin" that showcases a diverse array of Franklin students and Franklin experiences c) I am stoked for my next academic travel to... (drum roll please) .... BOTSWANA! You heard that right, I will be spending two weeks in sub-saharan Africa come this March. We will mainly be in Botswana, but also Zimbabwe and South Africa, studying environmental conservation while camping in the wilderness. I am so grateful for this opportunity and I will definitely wr