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Last week, I had the opportunity to share a bit of a typical day at Franklin on our official  Instagram  page. While the day-to-day routine can vary, there are definitely common threads that happen every day at Franklin that I wanted to highlight. So, let's get started! First thing in the morning, I get coffee in the Grotto, one of our school's eateries, and admire the view from the patio there. It's a very central location on campus and you always run into a friend or two on a visit there. This semester, my class schedule is evening-heavy, which is typical for upperclassmen who are studying business and management. So, I try and get downtown in the morning to grocery shop and go for a walk. I love how accessible downtown is from campus (it's about a 15 minute walk) and a lovely walk at that! I was lucky enough to catch a rainbow in the fountain downtown, and just had to share. Some people opt to grocery shop in downtown Lugano, while other students choose to

Academic Travel on location in Cyprus!

Hello there! I just got back from Fall Academic Travel to Cyprus, and it was absolutely magical. This was my second-to-last Academic Travel  and therefore, very bittersweet. I couldn't help but reflect on my very first Academic Travel while I was there, when I went to London to study the Bloomsbury writers (Virgina Woolf, E.M. Forster, etc.). It was during that trip to London in October of 2012 with Professor Peat when I really began to understand what Franklin was about. I made friends on my freshman travel to London who I still count among my closest friends at Franklin four years later. It seemed very full circle to appreciate and remember how it felt to go on my very first fall travel, and now my very last fall travel.  On this trip, we explored the island of Cyprus, and it was interesting to learn about both the Greek and Turkish influences in the country. We focused on the history, culture, politics, and art of the island, and gained an insight on the multifaceted