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Tutte Le Strade

Welcome to another semester at Franklin! One of the best things about the Fall semester is that there is an incredible “Welcome to Franklin” program that lasts from Orientation Week until Academic Travel. It is called “Tutte Le Strade” meaning “All the Roads” in Italian - it is a take on the historical saying “All roads lead to Rome.”  Two years ago, as an incoming student, I remember being overwhelmed with how many fun activities there were to do during TLS! It seemed like every other day there was some kind of presentation, trip downtown, movie night, pizza tour, gelato party or weekend trip. It is madness! But oh so fun.  During my first semester there was not a single week before Academic Travel that I didn’t participate in some kind of fun TLS activity. It was a great way to meet new people , stay busy, learn more about Switzerland and have fun time!  Here is a copy of the TLS 2014 schedule so you can see for yourself!  My freshmen year I especially lo

Welcome Home

Being at a small school, FUS students are close-knit and there is a distinct sense of belonging to a community. Franklin is not just a school, but a family and a home  to many of our students.  When I arrived back on campus two weeks ago, it was like coming back to a second home that I missed dearly. Even though I'm barely starting my junior year, I am already dreading the moment that I graduate and have to say goodbye to Lugano. This feeling of 'home' is something you've probably heard me talk a lot about on the blog already... maybe too much! So don't just take my word for it! I'm super happy to finally introduce you all to a project I've been working on since last spring semester: Franklin Faces !  My classmate and I interviewed six different Franklin students from across the world so that you could hear their stories too. Even though they come from vastly diverse backgrounds, all of the students I interviewed spoke about some common them