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Franklin First Impressions

Welcome to this week's post on Adventures at Franklin! Today, we're going to be hearing from some new students about their first impressions of life at Franklin University Switzerland. The students below are a diverse group, including  four-year,  study abroad and transfer students.  Before we get started, I also wanted to mention that it is now possible to subscribe to Adventures at Franklin by email. Simply click "Subscribe by email" above and follow the instructions in the link to be notified whenever new content is posted.  With that, let's begin!  Aerial view from Kaletsch Campus. . . . Name : Will Wallace From : California, USA Plans to study : Environmental Science with an Italian Studies Minor Four-Year Student What made you decide to come to Franklin? I liked the international location primarily, but it also had what I wanted to study which is environmental science. I also like the Academic Travel options. Is there anyth

September in Review

September: the first full month of the academic year here at Franklin. Not only that, but September is arguably one of the busiest months, as starting classes and getting settled in for the semester merge with a jam-packed schedule of activities and things to do. In this post, I would like to recap some of the past month's happenings at Franklin University Switzerland. At Franklin, there is a program called Tutte Le Strade . This program occurs during each fall semester, and its name comes from the proverb “All roads lead to Rome” ( Tutte le strade portano a Roma ), which essentially means that various routes can be taken to obtain the same solution or result. In the Franklin context, this program is comprised of a series of events intended to assist new students in successfully integrating into their lives on campus, in Lugano and in Switzerland. Most of these events are open to the entire student body as well. As you'll see in my recap, many of the events listed below are