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What Does the Future Look Like for Franklin Students?

The one thing every student has in common, when in college, is anxiety about the future. And so it's important for universities to provide the support, tools and connections that are needed to lead their students into their futures. Franklin University Switzerland especially prepares students with its travel opportunities, namely academic travel, which I wrote about in my last blog post. The opportunities in the classroom, on campus and off campus (and abroad) at Franklin have especially given me a new confidence and independence. Experiencing new cultures with the support of the close-knit community we have here, makes anything seem possible in the future. And one of the most important aspects of reaching goals in the future is having experiences which expand what seems possible in the first place.  In keeping with my previous post, I decided to once again go ask my classmates how their time at Franklin has already started to set them up for the future, and where they see themse