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Our Academic Journey!

Hello there! We thought it would be fruitful for prospective students, parents, and possibly even current underclassmen to do a post on how we chose our majors. As we are both senior students, we can lend a unique perspective to this dialogue and explain a bit of our thoughts on the academic paths available here at Franklin. Morgan : I am an International Management and Finance major, graduating in May 2016. I had always believed I would study international business here at Franklin, and declared my major during my sophomore spring, which is when students tend to formally declare. One of the deciding factors in choosing Franklin was the ability to truly experience the international aspect of an international business degree. I felt strongly I would be better prepared for an international career and management role if I had the opportunity to study with fellow students from all around the world and glean their intercultural perspectives as related to international business.

All About Transportation

I've learned a thing or two about transportation while at Franklin. As students, we use public transportation ALL the time! From buses to trains to planes to boats. Believe me, we've got it covered. So here's my rundown of what I've learned about transportation in my years at Franklin; from how to get my groceries back up the hill, to how to score the best flights on long weekend trips!  La Posta Buses //  La Posta are the yellow buses that run from downtown Lugano up to campus and beyond. The one that runs past Franklin is bus #436. There are two "Franklin" bus stops on via Ponte Tresa: the bus stop near Airone / between Kaletsch and North Campus is called Clinica St. Anna, and the bus stop in front of the New Building dorms is called Sorengo S. Grotto.  Oh and if you live at Alba there is a bus stop called Besso that is right near your dorm too and this bus can take you either up to campus or down to Lugano centro, depending on what direction you tak


Photo courtesy of Hi everyone! I hope you all had lovely and productive weeks. This past weekend we celebrated Carnevale here in Ticino , which meant Franklin students had the opportunity to dress up and participate in the ample festivities in the region. Rabadan , the carnival which takes place in Bellinzona each February, is one of the largest carnevale celebrations in Switzerland, along with the events that take place in Basel and Luzern around this time. During this time you can find many Franklin students heading to Bellinzona, about 30 minutes away by train, to celebrate. Carnevale in Bellinzona was founded in 1800s, but has gained in popularity immensely in the hundred-plus years since its initiation. This year was the 153rd celebration of Carnevale, which involves local bands performances, children's parades, costumes, and traditional foods and drinks. There is actually even a Rabadan committee - each year a King and Queen are appointed to preside over