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Summer of Travel

Franklin University Switzerland: if there's one thing students here are known for, it's their love of traveling. More than just something we do on the weekends, travel is also integrated into our courses in the form of Academic Travel and other experiential learning opportunities. It seems only natural that students here don't just stop traveling once the semester ends — in fact, that couldn't be further from the truth. Therefore, in this post I would like to highlight some of the adventures that my fellow students experienced this summer. From West Africa to the Himalayas, Botswana to Australia, and everywhere in between, keep reading to find out more! Scene from Academic Travel in New Zealand with Professor Hale's "Managing the New Zealand Environment" and Professor Roy's  "Literature and the Land: Aotearoa-New Zealand" courses . See Elisabeth's story for more! . . . Name : Jordan From : Arlington, Virginia, USA Field of

Swiss Cities in Depth: Lugano

Hello! Welcome to a new series called Swiss Cities in Depth . I'm interested in highlighting some of the great places Switzerland has to offer by featuring some of its cities here on the Adventures at Franklin blog. Since the majority of the country is accessible within several hours by train, these cities are also excellent to visit for a day or a weekend.  I thought that the best way to begin would be by writing about the city that Franklin calls home — Lugano. Technically, Franklin is located within a  Comune  (municipality) called Sorengo. However, Sorengo lies within the metropolitan area of Lugano, the largest city in Canton Ticino.  Geneva isn't the only city with a "Jet d'Eau" - Lake Lugano has one too. Ours is located in Paradiso, another Luganese municipality. Lugano has existed, albeit in a less developed form, for over 1000 years. There is proof the area was inhabited dating back at least to the 10th century, and artifacts discovered h

The Adventure Continues

Hi there! Welcome (or welcome back) to  Adventures at Franklin , a blog for sharing everything there is to know about living and learning at Franklin University Switzerland.  A new semester just began, full of the numerous activities that are a necessary part of getting settled in at the start of the academic year. There were clothes to unpack, friends to reconnect with, and groceries to purchase — not to mention a whole group of new faces to welcome to campus! Weary travelers came from far and wide to be greeted by our beautiful campus. New students arrived in Lugano this August for a week-long Orientation program, designed to help them get to know one another, adjust to life abroad, and conquer jet lag before school began (if necessary). These students were also introduced to their Orientation Mentors (OMs), Academic Mentors (AMs), and Resident Assistants (RAs), who were trained to guide and inform the new students about navigating both life on campus and ac