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Academic Travel Stories - Fall 2018

Hello and welcome back to 'Adventures at Franklin'! Academic Travel has come and gone again this semester. FUS Students and teachers have come back with more stories to tell, new experiences, and new friends. So, I decided to interview some of the teachers and students who went on and led different travels. Read on to learn about their personal experiences, as well as some of my own! Name: Andrea Briscoe Major/Minor(s): Major in History, Minor in International Relations, Minor in Postcolonial Studies What was the focus of the travel class? The class is International Political Economy so we focus on the interplay between politics and economics. We look at  problems of development in terms of North-South relations, international trade issue, post-colonial dependency theory, and issues of global governance. What areas did you visit on travel? We flew into Johannesburg, South Africa and then basically had a huge road trip through all of Botswana up to