The 2020-2021 FUS Freshman Year Experience, Featuring: Covid

Ciao, what a year it’s been! And though the show did indeed go on, it’s finally time for the curtains to close. With finals week almost done and summer around the corner, as a freshman, I was reminiscing about how I didn’t get to experience a normal orientation week, had my first two Academic Travels moved inside Switzerland borders, and went from in-person classes to online then back to in-person all in one year. After missing prom, not getting normal high school graduation, not getting to experience a normal first year of college at first seemed horrendous. But in all honesty, it wasn’t all too bad. It had its good and bad, just like it would otherwise. Also, it’s important to note that the past year and a half has been a whirlwind for every FUS student. In 2020, FUS students had on-campus Academic Travel and Ticino (the region of Switzerland we are in) was the first of Switzerland hit with the pandemic, so FUS had to react fast in 2020 to accommodate to the changing times. Not to me

Swiss Cities in Depth: Zermatt

Welcome to a new installation in this series! My Spring 2021 Academia Travel gave me the opportunity of a lifetime to get to know this sustainable yet tourist town, Zermatt, inside and out. This is definitely my favorite article to write so far, as now Zermatt has a special spot in my heart.  While spending a week there with my classmates I was able to experience snowshoeing, sledding (though I.. lasted a minute), hiking to village towns such as Zmutt, and even more hiking after that. We got to visit the Julen farm and a local dairy factory as well that contributes largely to the hotel and food industr y in Zermatt! I’ll have to tell you more, as a summary does not do the city justice! A Brief History of Zermatt I was able to visit the Matterhorn Museum, which contained the entire historical development of Zermatt, including a real-size house that was made back in the 1800s, antique hiking equipment from past climbers, and the rope that broke in the tragedy of the First Ascent of Matte

FUS Academic Travel! Spring 2021

  FUS continues its promise of giving students an Academic Travel experience with the Spring 2021 session, where students are still able to learn and explore in different parts of Switzerland! I was able to summarize a handful of the travels through the responses from a few of my peers. Here are their stories in their own words. Interviewee #1: Arpi Khachatryan is planning on getting a double major in History and CLCS and minoring in Film Studies and Applied Mathematics.  What is your Academic Travel Course, and where did you go? CLCS230T: Science fiction and film. (She went to St. Moritz, Switzerland!) Describe your course in 1 sentence. Exploration of sci-fi literature, films, and theory through the lenses of cultural studies. What was your favorite moment/activity over travel? All of it! Cause we were making films ourselves. What was the best food you ate? I'm not sure about the name but it was some sort of a salad with cool sauce. (very fair) Interviewee #2: Spencer Landry plan