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The Online Class Experience and #FranklinWeStand

"Tough times never last, but tough people do. " -Robert H. Schuller, American Televangelist. Welcome back or welcome to Adventures at Franklin! This blog looks at the happenings on campus at Franklin University Switzerland and recently, not much has been happening physically on campus. To be fair, not much has been happening physically in many parts of the world. We have gone digital! Actually, I should be a bit more exact, as many of us already spent regular time on the digital realm beforehand. *For the most part, different aspects of our lives such as interactions, work, classes, travelling, exercise etc. are online*. I wanted to touch on the online class experience for students, as it is the biggest recent change for many FUS students. Afterwards, I look at the #FranklinWeStand movement, as a reminder to stick together :) My online learning has been split into two different forms. For both forms, homework is largely the same (readings, worksheets, writing assignments

COVID-19 and Boredom

Welcome back or welcome to Adventures at Franklin . Today I cover a bit about the current situation and boredom, but first A LOT has happened since my last post. Here is a brief recap. At Franklin, in-person classes initially suspended until March 29 th , now extended to April 19 th . Online classes will start on March 23 rd . The dining hall remains open, with a cap on number of people who can enter. More information found here: In Switzerland, the government has instituted a nationwide ban (until April 19) on all private and public events. Shops, restaurants, entertainment venues are closed. Grocery stores, pharmacies and gas stations remain open. People may not congregate in groups of 5 or more (violations result in a 100 CHF fine). More information about the situation in Switzerland: I’m not a specialist o

My Favorite Adventures at Franklin Posts

Welcome back or welcome to Adventures at Franklin! In this post, I take a look back at some of my favorite posts. My name's Asa, and I'm the current writer of this blog (as of 3 weeks ago). This blog was a huge resource for me as an incoming freshman and I'm so happy for the opportunity to write for this blog currently and into the near future. However just as we should consider the future, I think it's just as important to look back and think about how we have gotten to where we are now.  Adventures at Franklin is 7 years old, as of 22 February 2020. Silly me, forgot to mention this on my post (about things to do during a long weekend) that I published that day. Nonetheless, happy belated 7th birthday Adventures at Franklin! Here are some of my favorite posts over the years and a few words about them.  22 February 2013: Welcome! Obviously,  I have to start at the beginning, all the way back i

When Coronavirus Popped the Franklin Bubble: Where do we go from here?

Welcome back or welcome to Adventures at Franklin. There’s really no way I could have avoided writing about this topic, so here it is. I wanted to provide a quick summary of everything Coronavirus related that impacted FUS in the past 10 days or so. From the outbreak and cases in Lombardy, all the way to the Academic Travel decision, here’s how we got to this point. 21 February – 23 February: First major outbreak of the Coronavirus in Europe, located in Lombardy. 23 February: President Warden writes a letter. No need to panic. Franklin will follow the recommendations from cantonal authorities. Classes for Monday February 24 are cancelled. A decision will be made about classes for the rest of the week. The university remains open. No documented cases in Ticino at the time. Students and staff in Lombardy asked to stay in their homes. 24 February 2020: Dean SSB (also the Vice President) writes a letter. Cantonal authorities decide not to take restrictive measures. No con