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Professor Perspectives!

Hi everyone! This is a post I've been wanting to do for a while, as I may have mentioned once or twice, for me, the most amazing part of Franklin is the incredible, and I truly mean incredible, connections between students and faculty. These professors have taught me so much both inside the classroom and outside on Academic Travel over the past three years and I wanted to interview a few of my favorites to hear their Franklin perspectives! So here we go, and I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed interviewing these professors! Many thanks to all of them for their time and thoughtful answers. It is a pleasure being your student. Professor Patrick Saveau Originally from: Lyon, France Pre-Franklin: PhD at New York University Length of time teaching at Franklin: 15 years Courses he teaches: French + Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies (CLCS) Classes Professor Saveau, what do you enjoy most about the Franklin Community? I enjoy st

Weekend Activities at FUS!

Last weekend was quite a big one for Franklin University Switzerland ! It felt like a marathon of incredibly cool and fun events, I'm admittedly pretty exhausted now after spending so much time with Franklin friends and new students! We had the annual Spring Play, Holi - an Indian festival of colors that welcomes spring for the Franklin community. On top of that, we also had one of our Earth Month events - a cleanup of the walking trail in our area, called Laghetto, where Franklin students spent their morning cutting back invasive species and picking up any litter in the area. Additionally, it was Open House for Prospective Students , which was so exciting to meet some of the faces who will be joining us come August - from all around the world! It feels like spring on campus in every sense, people are out enjoying the gorgeous weather, it was 24 °  C (80 °  Fahrenheit) yesterday! I truly cannot believe how fast this semester has flown, and luckily there is still so much to loo

A Day in the Life of a Franklin Student!

The view of Monte San Salvatore from a local park! It's really funny to think about how much has changed, and in some cases, how much hasn't, in the past (almost) three years that I've been here at Franklin. Every time I go home I'm reminded of how much I've grown and matured, but recalling the very first days, and that first fall semester as a freshman, I'm proud to notice how much more Franklin really seems like home, and Lugano, the community I want to be in. My parents came over with me during Fall Orientation , and it seemed as though Lugano was an entirely different world. I had no idea where to grocery shop, who the professors were, or even the name of the token mountain in our area, Monte San Salvatore (above). I've learned many lessons, big and small, since that first Orientation so I thought I'd share more about what life's like as a Franklin student. In terms of academics , FUS students are truly are getting a liberal ar