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Spring Semester in Review Part 2: Tests and Responses

" Adversity builds character " -LeBron James, American Basketball Player. Welcome back or welcome to Adventures at Franklin . Here is part 2 of my spring 2020 semester recap. Check out part 1 here: I concluded part 1 with the first inklings that life may be impacted from COVID-19, and as we know now, life has been heavily impacted by the virus. At Franklin, so many things changed. The "travel" component of Academic Travel classes was cancelled, and instead special sessions on campus/around Switzerland would take place during the weeks of Academic Travel. These sessions were then cancelled as Switzerland announced that all public and private events were cancelled until April. In-person classes were suspended until further notice (which ended up being the rest of the semester). Many traditional Franklin events i.e. Holi, Senior Auction, Garden Party, Arab Night, Latin Amer

Spring 2020 in Review Part 1: Business as Usual

"Self- reflection is the school of wisdom " -Baltasar Gracian, Spanish Prose Writer and Philosopher .  Welcome back or welcome to Adventures at Franklin! Another semester has come and gone, and I think it is very important to reflect on the happenings and some of the great events that transpired this spring. This semester has been the most different semester from my 6 semesters. FUS, like most places in the world during 2020, has been divided into 2 parts: life pre-pandemic and life during the pandemic. Therefore, I find it only fitting to write and split my review of Spring 2020 the same way. Here is my review of the first part of the semester at FUS. Weeks 1 and 2: January 20 - February 2 In all honesty, there was nothing too special about the week; just the standard start to the semester, everyone getting use to their classes and new semester schedules, meaning not too many things going on. The second week was more eventful, with a few events happening such as: