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Why I Came to Franklin

Class of 2017, this post is dedicated to you all! Because exactly one year ago, after much deliberation, I sent in my deposit and officially committed to Franklin College. Choosing any college is a major life decision and can be quite scary! But for me, coming to Franklin was one of my best decisions and I hope through sharing my story that I can help you all in making your own "big decision." Let's start at the beginning of my senior year of high school. That fall I visited several colleges on the east coast, but still was unsure. By January 2012, I applied to nine different colleges: one in my home state of Utah, two in Southern California, three in the Washington D.C. area, one in New York City and two international schools. At this point the anxious waiting began. After getting multiple emails from Franklin, I applied on a whim for early admission. By January I had already been accepted, but I still didn't really envision myself attending, it just seemed too cr

A Saturday at Franklin...

  One of my favorite second semester Franklin traditions is Holi (   होली)  . Originally a Hindu holiday, this festival of colors is widely celebrated throughout India, Nepal and Pakistan. Holi not only welcomes in the Spring season, but is also a celebration of love!   All of the packets of colored powder lined up before the celebration began... and then aftermath! I am pretty sure there is no better way to welcome in the spring season! (note: a huge thank you to  Damian Medina  for taking these three pictures of Holi!) Because I am a freshmen all of my meals are covered under a meal plan. But occasionally I like to go downtown on a Saturday afternoon and get some food for when I am too busy to go to the cafeteria for a meal. I couldn't resist this kilo of strawberries (handpicked in Spain!) that were on sale for 3 francs! And then a loaf of fresh baked ticianese bread for 2 francs and then I splurged on some Swiss dark chocolate for another 2 francs! I would c