The Online Class Experience and #FranklinWeStand

"Tough times never last, but tough people do." -Robert H. Schuller, American Televangelist.

Welcome back or welcome to Adventures at Franklin! This blog looks at the happenings on campus at Franklin University Switzerland and recently, not much has been happening physically on campus. To be fair, not much has been happening physically in many parts of the world. We have gone digital! Actually, I should be a bit more exact, as many of us already spent regular time on the digital realm beforehand. *For the most part, different aspects of our lives such as interactions, work, classes, travelling, exercise etc. are online*. I wanted to touch on the online class experience for students, as it is the biggest recent change for many FUS students. Afterwards, I look at the #FranklinWeStand movement, as a reminder to stick together :)

My online learning has been split into two different forms. For both forms, homework is largely the same (readings, worksheets, writing assignments etc). The difference lies in the actual class meetings.
In the first form of my online learning, I have video calls with the professor and the rest of the class, either on Zoom or Microsoft Teams. The benefit of this system is that we can still have discussions, ask questions, and receive and or provide answers on the spot. For some classes, we also have the video calls at the same time that in-person class would have taken place, which provides some sense of routine.
For the second form of my online learning, I watch pre-recorded lectures from professors. The benefit to this format is that it really opens my schedule up. I can watch the lecture whenever I want and wherever I want. I also feel that this format allows for easier concision and clarity regarding the content of the class, albeit at the loss of discussions and in moment questions/responses.

With the switch to online learning, the obvious question is: how effective is online learning?
The short answer: although some people may actually perform better from online learning, virtual classes are generally not as effective as in-person classes. It is more difficult to stay engaged in an online setting due to increased distraction opportunities and less oversight. However, right now virtual classes still allow for students to access material, and in some cases it still allows for engagement and discussion. This fact alone makes online learning a lot better than having nothing available, and I applaud schools everywhere for their adaptation to the situation.

In this less than ideal time, the Franklin community is launching the #FranklinWeStand movement to display unity and to stay connected with one another. The gist is to take a photo with Franklin gear, have a sign that says #FranklinWeStand, and post on social media or email it to
If you want to read the full statement then here it is:

And here are some contributions :)

And here is my contribution ;)

This great initiative is a reminder to stick together through difficult times. Tough times never last, but tough people do. We will get through this! Join the movement :)

Stay tough and a presto,


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