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Tips on How to Have the Best Au Pair Experience

Ciao amici! Would you like to be paid to live somewhere beautiful? And meanwhile have your food included in your stay? Plus work only 6 hours a day and then have weekends free? Then you might want to try Au Pairing, an unconventional yet extremely rewarding job. Au Pairing is simply a job where, if you are between the age of 18 and 30, you can stay at a family's house and in exchange for all that’s given take care and/or teach your native language to the children of the home. Essentially, it’s a win-win situation because both parties get the experience of immersion. With a good set schedule you can work during some of the day and then have nights free, weekends available for more activities, and a bit of pocket money for souvenirs.  Overall, I feel as if those who want to spend their winter or summer exploring the world should try Au Pairing at least once, as it truly does take you out of your comfort zone even if you’re an extrovert. You can explore such beautiful places that oth

Fall 2021 Franklin Survival Guide

Welcome back to Franklin! After the whirlwind of last semester we are back to in-person classes and a flood of freshmen came in— 175 of you guys! Because of this, I felt that a simple 4 step guide may help new and returning students out.  If you want to get the most expansive experience here, try to apply some of these tips into your life!  What kind of friends? All kinds! Have some party friends but also have friends you can count on for studying with. Have a chill friend you like laying on your bed with while binging a TV show. Also, get some travel friends! Try it all out.  But.. why not just have a few? There can be some overlaps of course, but why constrict yourself to only one type of school culture? By figuring out which friends make you feel most comfortable in different environments you can have your needs met more easily!  But I still like only having a few friends… I’ve always been the same but even as an introvert, I found a way to open up. Simply look for common interest