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The Franklin Podcast! Episode 3

  Welcome back or welcome to Adventures at Franklin! Another week means another episode of The Franklin Podcast! Here are Episodes 1 and 2 in case you need to get caught up :) Episode Description: "During the regular academic year, students have a wealth of resources available to help them succeed. One of these is the language tutors at the Writing and Learning Center (WLC). These tutors hold regular, weekly tutoring sessions with groups of students from the various language classes, tutoring students up to the 300 level. During the summer, however, these sorts of resources are cut down, as there are also not too many students taking language classes. Yet, this summer, a couple students decided to change that, with Vasco Aguglia offering tutoring to interested students taking Italian classes and Rim Maslouh supporting students taking French classes. Anushka Bagde, on the other hand, held group tutoring and study sessions to help motivate students of any subject. Listen to today

Introducing SGA! A Spotlight on the 2020-2021 Executive Board

Welcome back or welcome to Adventures at Franklin. 7 years, 121 posts about life at Franklin University Switzerland (FUS), yet there are very few mentions of the Student Government Association (SGA), but that changes today. SGA is one of the of the most important and active voices on campus. As per the FUS website, “SGA elected by the student body at large, assumes the duty of representing students’ needs and interests in all facets of University life, from academics to student engagement… SGA is responsible for providing students opportunities to develop and enhance their leadership abilities while promoting institutional improvement and innovation”. In this post of Adventures at Franklin,  it's wonderful to have the Executive Board for 2020-2021 share their stories by introducing themselves and providing some insight into SGA. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------