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Switzerland: All About Cantons!

This week on Adventures at Franklin, we're going to be talking about cantons - the geographic regions that make up Switzerland.

If you're planning to live in Switzerland, it's important to know about the different cantons because each one has varying laws, holidays and even languages.

What even is a canton? You might ask. Well, a canton is similar to a state, like those found in countries like the United States and Mexico. However, each Swiss canton has its own constitution that has been federally approved. There are 26 cantons in total, among them several half cantons. Half cantons are cantons that split at some point. They mainly differ from other cantons in that they only send one member to the upper house of parliament, rather than two.

Franklin University Switzerland is located in Ticino, the only canton in Switzerland where Italian is the only official language. Although Italian is spoken in neighboring Graub√ľnden as well, it has four official languages - Swiss German,…

University Day 2017

The spring semester at Franklin, especially post-Academic Travel, is always incredibly busy. The change in seasons brings people outside to celebrate a variety of events.

In particular, each April Franklin holds University Day, during which classes are cancelled and students are encouraged to attend events all day that celebrate Franklin, its students and their accomplishments.
This year, University Day was sustainability-themed, in honor of Earth Month. Franklin's Sustainable Agriculture Club put together an incredible picnic lunch that was held on the President's Lawn at Kaletsch Campus. The food was prepared from local ingredients (some coming from our campus garden) by students involved in the club.

Next, students attended research presentations held by their peers. One group has been studying Lake Lugano's climatic data from the past 30 years in regards to fish habitats, whereas another group spoke about sustainable development.
After that, students were invited to th…

Spring 2017 Academic Travel Experiences! Part 2

In case you missed my last post, I've been collecting stories from students who participated in a variety of Spring Academic Travel courses. This is the second installment. Keep reading to hear about travels to India and Bhutan, France, Ireland, and even Bosnia and Croatia.

Did you know that students of Franklin's Masters of Science in International Management (Graduate Studies) Program also participate in Academic Travel? You can find that story at the end of this post.

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Name: Giacomo Molteni Class level: Senior Major/Minor: International Management with Finance Emphasis From: Rochester, Michigan (USA)
Academic Travel Course: Sustainable Economic Development: Exploring Bhutan and Darjeeling
Briefly describe your Academic Travel course - what is the concept behind the course, what did you learn about, and where did you go for the travel component? Our Academic Travel focused on economic development through the lens of sustainable practices and growth models, in conjunction with…

Spring 2017 Academic Travel Experiences! Part 1

Can you believe it's already that time again? Fresh off the plane, bus or train, Franklin students are back from their Spring Semester Academic Travels.

Continuing a project begun last semester, I asked students to let me know how they experienced Academic Travel this time around. If you'd like to see last semester's stories, check out Part 1 and Part 2

I myself went to South Africa, where we learned a lot about conservation and development. It was an amazing experience! You can read more about it below via my classmate Maria. 

Each Academic Travel group got to experience something unique, from visiting Mayan ruins in Guatemala to sculpting ceramics at an art house in Italy — no two Travels are alike!

Without any further ado, let's get on with the stories.

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Name: Siri Sumpuran Kalsa Class level: Freshman Major/Minor: Undeclared From: Santa Fe, New Mexico (USA)
Academic Travel Course: Introduction to International Relations: Vienna
Briefly describe your Academic Travel cour…