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Prospective Student FAQ

Wondering what it takes to get into Franklin? Wanting to find a school that is the right fit for you? Curious about student life? I've gotten a lot of admissions related questions this week, so I decided that a "prospective student frequently asked questions" post was in order! ^^ This is a picture I snapped today on my walk home from class, not particularly related to this post but if you were wondering what autumn looks like in Lugano, there is your answer! Academics At Franklin The travel opportunities are great, but they are FAR from everything Franklin Switzerland has to offer. Getting a university education abroad is much different than just living abroad for a year. Not only do students spend the academic year immersed in and exploring European culture, but Franklin also provides many educational opportunities which challenge students of all levels. I know I have grown academically over the last two years and learned much! What majors are offered at Fr

Academic Travel Post #5: Montenegro

A little post about a little country today! Montenegro has (oddly enough) been on my bucket list for quiet some time now! It started out when Jay Gatsby told Nick Caraway that he carries around a medal that was awarded  for "Valour Extraordinary" during WWI by Montenegro. Then, when James Bond's Casino Royale was set in Bukva, Montenegro, my interest was only further piqued. All in all, it was not exactly what I expected [read: no Daniel Craig] but I am glad that I got a chance to add another stamp to my passport! Not to mention that I got to visit one of the world's newest countries. Montenegro only declared its independence from Serbia in 2006. Also, despite the long drive, I was not kidding when I said the country is little! Montenegro is about the size of Connecticut, meaning that you could fit 35 Montenegro's in the state of California!  To get to the old capital city of Cetinje we had to drive our bus onto a ferry (^^) and sail across a lake befo

Academic Travel Post #4: Bosnia

What an experience! I loved visiting Sarajevo because it felt like I was taking a mini trip to Turkey! The turkish influence there is undeniable. Our hotel was located right next to the town bazar (turkish style market) with hundreds of shops selling handmade jewelry, hand woven rugs, spices, textiles etc. Not to mention that I had the best honey drizzled baklava of my life at a little street cafe here! I love the feeling of this city and its deep (albeit tragic) history. At one time it was a trade mecca, a principle stop on the Silk Route. In fact Sarajevo was so developed that it was the 2nd city in the world (after London) to get electricity in the 1890s. Unfortunately, several wars have nearly decimated the city. Most recently the Siege of Sarajevo (1992-1996) resulted in the destruction of 90% of the cities infrastructure. Reconstruction efforts are still going on today. In fact the week we visited they just were taking their first census since the war, a war which happened