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Academic Travel Stories: Spring Edition

Another incredible Academic Travel period has come to a close, and stories are ready to be shared. There is nothing more rewarding than venturing to a destination that you have been studying for months, and watching the material come to life. Keep reading to find out more about some unique experiences from all over the world! … Name:  Professor Armando Zanecchia Academic Department:  Political Science/Business Academic Travel Course Title:  TVL 298 South Africa/Swaziland Briefly describe the AT course: what is the concept behind the course, where did the course travel to, and how long have you been leading this course? This course explores natural resource conservation, sustainability and cultural understanding in South Africa and Swaziland. I have been leading this course for 10 years. What was your favorite memory from this travel session? Did anything surprise you? Climbing Sibebe Peak in Swaziland, observing the Big 5 in Kruger National P