The Franklin Podcast! Episode 2


Welcome back or welcome to Adventures at Franklin! Today's post: Episode 2 of The Franklin Podcast. Check out Episode 1 if you haven't already :)

Episode description: 

"Throughout the regular academic year, the Tone Athletic Center (Franklin’s gym) hosts a wide variety of activities and sporting events, ranging from Yoga, Pilates, and dance classes and the basketball and volleyball games our newly formed teams play, and even organize weekend skiing trips. During the recent lockdowns, however, this space and the activities they normally organize were among the first things to go away. To help ease us out of this situation and help cope with the effects, Maddie Espinoza and Natascha Braase came up with a solution: yoga; and Grace Kotnik: hiking. In this episode, we will learn more about how their projects came together and what they are doing to help heal and reconstruct a sense of community at our school through exercise and mindfulness."

-Carisa, Franklin Podcast Co-Creator.

And here is the episode! 

Episode 2 is also available here:

Episode 3 drops next Monday, August 31st 2020! I know Carisa says September 7th in the video, but it's August 31st, trust me ­čśé





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