Franklin First Impressions 2!

“A good first impression can work wonders” -Joanne Rowling, British Writer and Philanthropist. 

Welcome back or welcome to Adventures at Franklin! Last week I brought back an old series from 2016, and today we do the same! The first Franklin First Impressions post was an opportunity for new students to share their first impressions on FUS through writing. Today, I'm so happy to have some new students share their first impressions of FUS during this extraordinary time through video! I sat down with 4 freshmen and 1 junior study abroad to hear about their stories. Check it out below!

It is great to see that despite only being at the university for little over a month, these students have already recognized and experienced some of the best things that the university has to offer. FUS offers so many opportunities. As students, we can get to know our professors, travel to amazing places, study in a beautiful setting, and meet people from all over the world. For these new students, this is just the start. 

A presto,


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