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Hello everyone! This week has been a little cold and rainy, but I snapped the above photo from my dorm when the sky was blue and I love seeing the remnants of the last snow on San Salvatore. 

Blog post #2 of this semester isn't going to be super exciting, but it is super important! Financial aid packages start going out this week. Plus, this Saturday (Feb 15th) is the deadline to submit certain financial aid applications. So keep reading on if you still have some questions about the financial aid process, and hopefully I can answer them! 

Q: What kind of aid is offered at Franklin? 
A: Franklin offers both need based aid and merit based aid to prospective students. 

Q: How do I apply for need based financial aid? 
A: For U.S. based students, fill out Franklin's Institutional Aid application (click here) by February 15h AND be sure to complete your FAFSA application (click here
For non U.S. students, you only need to fill out Franklin's Institutional Aid application (click here) by February 15th.

Q: How do I apply for a merit based scholarship?
A: Priority consideration will be given to students who sent in their admissions applications before December 1, 2013. But if you haven't done so, and are still interested in applying for a merit based scholarship, you can contact a member of the Admissions Office here.

Q: How much merit based aid is offered? 
A: Scholarships range from $5,000 -- $20,000 per year. 

Q: When will I find out if I received any scholarships/aid? 
A: Financial aid packages will be sent out to accepted students on a rolling basis between February 15, 2014 and April 1, 2014. 

Q: Is there anyway to earn money while I am in Lugano? 
A: There are two main ways that students supplement their financial aid while at school, (1) The Lifelong Learning Scholarship program which provides students with positions such as manager, admissions ambassador, research assistant, etc. Applications for these scholarships are available at the beginning of the semester. (2) Many students also hold "odd jobs" in the community like weekly tutoring, babysitting, pet sitting, etc. which provide a little extra money as well. 

Q: Is Franklin worth the cost? 
A: Honestly, only you can know the answer to that question. Personally, I absolutely believe it is! I have found that the financial aid officers are willing to work with students and find solutions, because they understand that finances can be a major constraint. But that being said, I view the cost of attending Franklin as an investment in my future and an opportunity for which I am most grateful! I don't regret my decision to attend school here. Living/studying/traveling in Europe for four years was an opportunity I just couldn't pass up. I firmly believe that my experience here has immeasurably shaped the direction my life is taking, in a very positive way. 

For more info on scholarships click here
For more info on financial aid click here.

And if I didn't answer your question feel free to send an email to


  1. Do you mean $5,000 per year, totaling to $20,000 for 4 years? Or is there really scholarship for $20,000 PER YEAR? How do we apply for the maximum scholarship of $20,000 per year?

    1. There is a possibility of receiving $20,000 per year in scholarship money, with priority given to students who applied before December 1st. If you have a question about which scholarships you are eligible for please contact the financial aid office at Thanks!

  2. but how much is the tuition fees? can the scholarship or the financial aid able to cover up the cost?

    1. Here is the link to tuition/fee break down:
      You will have to contact a financial aid officer to see what scholarships and.or need based aid you qualify for.
      You can email

    2. thanks lot.. hope to find out more!


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