Ljubljana, Slovenia

I am so pleased with this academic travel so far! It is only day three and I feel as though I already have had so many adventures! I don't have too much time to write now, as I have been busy exploring Slovenia and Croatia, but I thought I would share some photos from Ljubljana, Slovenia, our first stop on the trip! 

Fun facts about Ljubljana: 
- Capitol of Slovenia and largest city 
- The dragon is the emblem of the city because, as legend goes, Jason (as in mythology's Jason + the golden fleece) killed a dragon in Ljubljana. 
- home to the first philharmonics school in Europe 
- entered into the European union in 2004 

day+night with the dragon of slovenia 
snapshots from our walking tour around town
the group picture was taken in a former templar knights monastery while we listened to the guide explain some regional history
autumn leaves
kavalir = a FREE service you can call that takes you around the pedestrian only areas of Ljubljana. From what I can tell, people don't abuse it and I only saw old people or families with young children riding it. Pretty cool idea! 

And that is all for now! Sorry for the brevity, but I have got much more of the former Yugoslavia area to explore! And I promise to share more pictures + a little update soon! As they say in Slovenian HVALA & ADIJO 


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