Time to Get Excited!

Class of 2017, I have some exciting news for you.. In less than one month you will arrive at Franklin College in Switzerland!! + insert excited squeals +
I hope that everyone is looking forward to a new start, new friends, a new country and most of all.. NEW ADVENTURES. One year ago I had never been to Europe and I will admit, I was a little bit terrified to leave my friends and family back home.  But I am so grateful I took that leap of faith and ended up at school here! In my first year alone I have had the opportunity to go on two great academic travels covering 6 countries. I spent most of those travels with my jaw dropped, in awe of the beauty + culture + history I was surrounded by. Yet somewhere along the way I inadvertently managed to capture a great many snippets of adventures through iphone videos. Full disclaimer: I am no video expert. But at the end of the year I decided to try my hand at editing, compiled all those amateur videos, and this was the result! So just in case you aren't feeling the excitement yet, here is something that I hope can jump start those butterfly feelings! 

tip: pay special attention to the opening scene at Valle Verzasca, all freshmen get to go there at the end of Orientation Week and take their own glacial jump! 

Year One from Jessica Oglesby on Vimeo.


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