Meet the OM's

I am so excited to introduce you to some of the most caring, intelligent, and awesome people I have met at Franklin: your Fall 2013 orientation mentors! In all seriousness the OM position is highly sought after and lucky incoming freshmen truly are getting the cream of the crop this year. Each and every OM is stoked to help you adjust to life at Franklin College and have the best experience of your life. So without further adieu, here they are ---------->

(1) What exactly does OM stand for? 
Good point, let's start with the basics. I know before I came to Franklin I felt like I was the only one who had no idea what an OM, AM or ISM was! So many abbreviations flying around! So here is a quick cheat sheet: OM = Orientation Mentor, we run orientation week and each OM heads an Orientation Group, a small group of aprox. ten students. AM= Academic mentor, every FYS (first year seminar) has one AM which facilitates communication between the professor and freshmen students, and then ISM = International Student Mentors, people who work specifically with non-native english speaking students in english classes. But no matter what the problem may be you can can always turn to an AM, OM, or ISM! Even if it doesn't fall under our "jurisdiction" per se we are always willing to direct you to someone who can help!
(2) What does an OM do? 
Well, simply put, we are here to help YOU! We also will be the ones showing you around campus and the city of Lugano. We will be picking you up at the Zurich airport if you are on the group flight, we will cook you at least one delicious dinner, we will arrange fun monthly get togethers, really more than anything else we are here to 'show you the ropes' of life as a Franklin College student.

(3) Do I have to attend Orientation Week?
YES! Orientation Week is definitely a mandatory event. Not only do you find out your academic travel, dorm assignment, roommates, and vital information about living in Lugano, but Orientation Week is crucial because you also register for classes and learn about valuable resources on campus which are available to all students. In all honesty though, Orientation Week is so awesome I don't know why anyone would even think of skipping it! In addition to the nitty gritty highlights of orientation week include gelato downtown, field trips across Lugano (as a freshmen I visited castles in Bellinzona! see above photo) and of course every freshmen gets to participate in the incredible valle verzasca excursion! These are all can't miss events!

Plus, if you want to see a more detailed schedule or orientation week 2013, click here

And as always if you have more questions, comment on facebook or below! 


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