10 Signs That You Attend Franklin College

(1) Two to four different kinds of currency can be found in your wallet at any given time.  Not to mention, that you know the (approx.) exchange rate for euros and francs off the top of your head.
(2) You carry your passport in your backpack, because there is no use putting it away.
(3) It is completely normal to be riding a train through the german-speaking region of Switzerland, working on Italian homework while eating a French macaroon.
(4) You have a picture in the "newspaper tunnel"
(5) Chocolate is a daily necessity. You know your favorite brand, favorite % of cocoa and favorite flavors.
(6) You often take a trip up to the monastery to study or relax.
(7) You never pass by this water fountain without taking a drink. 
(hint: ask your OMs why, its a bit of Franklin folklore)
(8) Mt San Salvatore (aka San Sal) is an iconic landmark which you orient yourself around. 
(9) You don’t think it’s funny when someone confuses Switzerland with Sweden. 
And no, you don't speak Swedish or Swiss.
(10) You often feel you are living in a post card. 

And just as a bonus, here is a sneak peek at an upcoming post I think many of you will be interested in! 


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