The Travies

Last Saturday night I attended one of Franklin Colleges biggest spring semester events: The Travies! Simply stated, Travies is the award ceremony for a photo/video competition which all Franklin students are encouraged to enter.
But in reality, travies are a bit like a cross between... 
You may laugh, but it is true! For those of you who don't know; The Oscars is an American film awards ceremony held in Hollywood and The Dundies is a workplace awards ceremony in the popular comedy television show The Office. And we at Franklin have taken the best of these two events and combined them into one incredible night! Our Travies ceremony necessitates the classiness of The Oscars coupled with the hilarity of The Dundies. Students showed up in their most elegant attire for a cocktail hour prior to the awards ceremony, but once everyone was seated we spent most of the night laughing and having a good time.  A communal love of travel + beautiful photos + a healthy does of joking = a night to remember! 

The Travies Categories
Best Black and White Photograph
Best Digitally Altered Photograph
Best Cultural Interaction 
So Swiss 
Best Faculty and Staff Travel Photo 
Best Landscape Photograph
Best Photo Bomb 
Best Photograph Capturing Student Life 
Best Photograph of a Local
Best Photograph of Independent Travel
Best Photograph of Architecture 
Best Photograph of International Culinary Culture 
Best Photograph of Wildlife 
Most Humorous Photograph 
Best Video

So how does it work? Every interested student (and indeed there are many!) submits their photos/videos to an online site and then a committee made up of a few professors, staff and a student representative get together and judge all the entries. The whole process culminates the night of Travies where two finalists + winner for each category are announced. I personally was honored to be a finalist in three different categories (though sadly not a winner) so here are my three submissions that made it to the finals.

#1: A finalist for Best Photo of International Culinary Culture: "Satan Chocolate, Sinfully Good?"
(Taken in Brussels, Belgium on my Fall 2012 Academic Travel)

#2: A finalist for Best Photo of Independent Travel: "Heidelberg. Germany" (Taken in October 2012)

And before I share the last category I was a finalist in, I need to give a huge shoutout to my roommates Megan and Sam! These girls rock! Not only did we have an awesome time roaming London together for a weekend, but I think as soon as you watch the video below you will believe me when I say that we had a really fun time as well. So thanks for "talking a walk" with me girls and without further adieu; #3 the finalist for Best Video... 
Note: You should all consider yourselves lucky that I am allowing you to witness these extremely embarrassing dance moves! I hope you had a good laugh!

PS: Want to see more photos from Travies? Click here and here for pictures of the event + The Travies winner for each category! 


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