Vietri Sul Mare

" A traveler without observation is a bird without wings" - Moslih Eddin Saadi (Persian poet) 

Welcome to the costal town of Vietri Sul Mare in Southern Italy. Our original plan for the day was to drive down the Amalfi coast stopping at beaches and tiny iconic fishing villages perched on the cliffside. Unfortunately our first week in Southern Italy happened to host some of the coldest and rainiest March weather this region has ever seen.  Mudslide warnings (due to those heavy rains) kept us from driving down the Amalfi Coast that day. But fortunately, before returning inland, we got to visit this charming (and stable) town. I wasn't too happy about missing out on the Amalfi Coast. But when I stepped off the bus and I stopped in my tracks, I became mesmerized with this gorgeous view.  As the sun finally broke out from behind the rain clouds, I looked out across the sea and I knew that I was going to enjoy my morning. 

Vietri Sul Mare is situated near the city of Salerno also near the Amalfi Coast of Southern Italy. The town was first settled by Etruscans during the Kingdom of Italy as a key port city. Nowadays it's famous for its ceramics. Pictured is a ceramic tile I picked up from my morning adventures around the town. Keep reading if you want to learn more about this handcrafted Vietrian tile and how I met ceramic Maestro Rimando Rimando. 

Through all my travels thus far I have learned that often times a place will be defined in my mind by one event, one view, one meal, or in this case one person: Rimando Rimando. That morning I wandered off the beaten path in search of a lookout spot by the beach. Bad news: After a half hour of walking I ended up no where near the beach. Good news: I stumbled upon this adorable old man hand painting ceramic tiles in his humble studio at the corner of a cobblestone road. He caught me staring at him and beckoned me over. I knew enough Italian to carry a basic conversation with him and he told me about the difficulty of his work, the inspiration for his images, he even showed me pictures of his family and friends. In the end I did buy a sunny yellow tile to commemorate my time with Rimando Rimando and my visit to the cheerful town of Vietri. And wouldn't you know it – as I was leaving his shop he stopped me and suggested I go to a lookout point about 50m down the road. Grazie Rimando! 

Until next time Vietri Sul Mare. xoxo Jessica 


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