Prague, Czech Republic

Do you ever wonder what having a day off of school at Franklin College look like? 

Well, a few weeks ago class was canceled on Friday for February Break. So after czech-ing my pack twice, I left my dorm room at 4am and embarked on a weekend adventure to Prague in the Czech Republic! I was absolutely blown away by the beautiful architecture, rich culture and deep history, which more than qualify Prague for a spot on my "top European destinations" list! That being said, keep reading if you want to Czech out the astonishing amount of ground I was able to explore during my 48 hours in Prague! 
The view from the top of the St Nicholas Church can't be beat! Travel Tip: take the time to hike up the clock towers/churches in whichever European city you are visiting! They often are free or cost very little and offer some of the best views! 
 Fun Facts about the famous Astronomical Clock Tower! 
  • Built in 1410 it is the 3rd oldest Astronomical Clock in the world and the oldest one that still works! 
  • It has a clock face that tells the position of the planets+the zodiacs+24 hour time (top L), a clock that tells the date (bottom L) , statues representing sins + death AND a parade of the twelve disciples on the hour. What more could you want in a clock? 
Attempting the perfect jumping picture in Old Town Square 
            Enjoying the beautiful colors of Lesser Town (not what I would've named it!) 
Bits and pieces from around the city 
Have I mentioned how much I loved the colorful buildings? 
The art noveau ghetto in Prague
From Top L to Bottom R:  Jewish ghetto, key to our hotel room, a snowy morning, Czech crowns, snow and rain didn't stop this one man band, the Jewish cemetery. 
Little known fact: Mozart (as in Wolfgang Amadeus) spent quite some time in Prague and in this very theater he composed and premiered the opera Don Giovanni here. So my travel buddies and I all agreed we would splurge a bit and get tickets to a Saturday evening opera. Hands down: best idea of the trip. I was smitten with the vivid blue of the opera house, having our own box, and of course the opera itself! Bravo Mozart, bravo! 
'Till we meet again Prague, I can assure you that it won't be long. xoxo


  1. Prague is a wonderful city with perfect blend of amazing architecture, museums and art and intellectual pursuits.
    Tourist mostly like to visit bridges over Vltava river, cathedrals and many more historic spots.
    Also my trip to Prague was awesome as i got knowledge about historic Prague.

    1. Thanks for your comment, totally agree. Prague is awesome!


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