Fun Facts Friday: Nature Edition

Hello and welcome to my new "Fun Facts Friday" column! One of the many things my first year at Franklin has taught me is that there is SO much to learn about Switzerland, never mind the whole world! At times it can seem very overwhelming. So I am here to help break it down for you. This week's post will focus on eight facts which explain why tourists come form all over to bask in Switzerland's natural beauty.

Sidenote: I am no professional, all of these photos were just taken by me with my iPhone. In truth they don't even begin to properly showcase the real life beauty of these places! But I hope they can at least give you a feeling of the place. 
Fun Fact #1: Switzerland has 48 peaks above 13’000 feet

#2: You may know that Switzerland is world renowned for its hiking. But what you probably didn't know is that Switzerland is home to an astonishing 1 kilometer of hiking trails for every 2 kilometers of area. That is 60,000+ Km (or 38,525 miles) of hiking in a country that is about the size of New Hampshire and Vermont combined. 
#3: Switzerland is an anagram of Lizard's Newt. And it just so happens that when the weather is warm in Lugano you will find many little lizards/newts scurrying around the gardens. 

#4: The largest edible chestnut forest in the Alps is in Malcantone near Lugano. In fact every Autumn we have a chestnut festival in Lugano to celebrate this delicious nut. 
#5: The water in the streams and lakes of Switzerland is said to be so clean that you can swim with your mouth open.
(note: this is not me recommending that you do this!)

#6: The highest Waterfall in Europe is called the Mürrenbachfall with a 2450 foot drop and is located in Mürren, Switzerland.
 (the waterfall pictured above though is from our Franklin Orientation week trip to Valle Verzasca not Mürren)  
#7: In Switzerland you are never more than 13 miles from a lake or river in which you can swim 
#8: Switzerland is also home to the highest fountain in Europe: Jet d’eau, Geneva at 459 feet (pictured above)
Oh Switzerland you have taken away my breath now once again! Happy listening and happy Friday xoxo Jessica 

(hint: skip to 1:00 min) 


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