Snapshots of Lugano

Welcome to Lugano, Switzerland!
Franklin College just so happens to be located in one of the most beautiful areas of Switzerland. The Italian-speaking canton of Ticino (in which Lugano is located) is the only area of Switzerland which is south of the Alps. On campus you will find palm trees yet during the winter it will snow a few times. It is a unique region full of beauty. Here are a few snapshots I have taken just in the last month of my adventures around campus and downtown Lugano. 
The view from my walk downtown today to get lunch with a few friends. This is Lago Lugano with Mt. Bre on the right and downtown Lugano on the left.  

This snapshot is taken from right outside the main doors you use to enter Franklin's Kaletsch campus. Between the two trees there actually is a cobble stone pathway which leads to the two residence halls (Florida + Girasole) which are located down the hill from campus.  

The view from my dorm. The most prominent mountain is the iconic Mt. San Salvatore. Pictured here with a light frost leftover from the storm a few days prior. 

This snapshot was taken out the window of one of my classrooms on main campus which is on a hill overlooking Lago Lugano and Mt. Bre. Its a good thing my back was to this window, otherwise I'd have a hard time paying attention in class! 

This snapshot is of a field that is situated right between North Campus (LAC) and Main Campus (Kaletsch) most students walk past it on a daily basis. One thing that is very typical of Switzerland is to have these green spaces in the middle of otherwise developed neighborhoods. I love it. 

This snapshot is from the back entrance to my residence hall. The stone wall is actually an enclosed path that leads to another residence hall (Giardino).

Not many college students are lucky enough to be greeted with views like this everyday!


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