FUS Academic Travel: The Joys of Yesterday

"No matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow." -Maya Angelou, American poet, singer, and civil rights activist.

Welcome back or welcome to Adventures at Franklin! This blog recounts the happenings of Franklin University Switzerland, from the point of view of students.

It has been over 8 weeks since the announcement that students and professors would not go on Academic Travel, and over 6 weeks since the announcement that all in-person classes would be suspended. In Switzerland, the first phase of easing measures starts tomorrow. Hopefully that means that life will go back to normal soon. In anticipation for that, let's take a look back at something which the pandemic took from Franklin students this semester, Academic Travel.

Academic Travel is one of the most fun times in the semester. When I look back at my time at FUS, many of my fondest memories will have been over travel. I always say that it's great to read and learn about things in a textbook, on a screen, or hear stories from someone, but you can never really know how it feels until you experience it firsthand. Academic Travel is that experience.

On this blog, there are 15 posts from Academic Travels over the years, with posts often covering more than 1 travel. A picture is worth 1000 words, right? So here are some photos from over the years. I have not covered every post about travel, nor every travel in every post, so if you are interested in checking out travels in more depth, click on the links to the posts and explore the rich history of Adventures at Franklin :)

From Fall 2018: https://adventuresatfranklin.fus.edu/2018/11/academic-travel-stories-fall-2018.html

Germany Travel Class

South Africa/Zimbabwe/Botswana Travel Class

Switzerland/France Travel Class

From Spring 2018: https://adventuresatfranklin.fus.edu/2018/04/academic-travel-stories-spring-edition.html

India/Bhutan Travel Class

Italy/Slovenia Travel Class (I was on this one! I'm in the back if you can spot me. Amazing travel from the activities, group dynamic, food, places we visited).

South Africa /Swaziland Travel Class

From Fall 2017: https://adventuresatfranklin.fus.edu/2017/11/fall-2017-academic-travel-experiences.html

Iceland Travel Class (I wasn't on this class that went to Iceland, but I was fortunate enough to go in fall 2019, and Iceland is stunning).

Taiwan Travel Class

From Spring 2017: 

Austria Travel Class

Italy/Germany Travel Class

Guatemala Travel Class

Guatemala Travel Class

India/Bhutan Travel Class

Ireland Travel Class

Ireland Travel Class

Italy Travel Class

France Travel Class

Italy/Slovenia Travel Class (I wasn't on this class that year, but I went the year after. These caves in Slovenia, definitely one of my favorite memories from any Academic Travel experience). 

Italy/Slovenia Travel Class

South Africa Travel Class

India/Bhutan Travel Class

From Fall 2016: https://adventuresatfranklin.fus.edu/2016/11/fall-2016-academic-travel-experiences_25.html

Austria/Slovakia/Hungary Travel Class

Barcelona Travel Class

Barcelona Travel Class

Botswana/Zimbabwe Travel Class

Iceland Travel Class

Iceland Travel Class (I wasn't on this class that went to Iceland, but I was fortunate enough to go in fall 2019. Seeing the Northern Lights has always been on my bucket list, so to check that off was incredible. Interestingly enough, the lights do not look how they do in photos. The photos actually make them seem much prettier than in real life! In real life they had white/grayish streaks, rather than the green. blue, purple we see in some photos. Nonetheless, they are stunning and the way they dance across the skies is mystifying).

Italy/Austria/Switzerland Travel Class

Italy/Austria/Switzerland Travel Class

Scotland Travel Class

Scotland Travel Class (I wasn't on this class that went to Scotland, but I was fortunate enough to go in spring 2019. The trip was amazing! Great culture, people, food and sights!)

Thailand Travel Class

From Spring 2016: https://adventuresatfranklin.fus.edu/2016/04/academic-travel-south-africa.html

All from the South Africa Travel! 

From Fall 2015: https://adventuresatfranklin.fus.edu/2015/11/academic-travel-on-location-in-cyprus.html

All from Cyprus Travel! 

From Spring 2015: https://adventuresatfranklin.fus.edu/2015/03/atfus-morocco.html

All from Morocco Travel!

From Fall 2013: 







Academic Travel is one of the best things about Franklin. This spring, we had special sessions in Lugano to replace Travel. My class worked on some case studies related to our class, took a hike just to get outside, and we did plan to travel around Switzerland, until the federal government closed public spaces. I was looking forward to the special sessions, and it was a shame that they were cut short. Nonetheless, given the situation, there was nothing to do except that.
I hope Academic Travel will resume in the fall. It will depend entirely on the possibility of a second outbreak, and ultimately safety and health is paramount. Regardless, let's hope for the best! Life may seem a bit bleak today, but perhaps the joys of yesterday can inspire a hope for a better tomorrow.

A presto,


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