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February Break at Franklin

As Franklin students we are so lucky to be studying "in the heart of Europe" just like the brochures say. Yes, it may sound cliche, but it is totally true! Switzerland is very centrally located and the fact that we are a 45min shuttle ride away from three different Milan airports opens up a world of travel possibilities.  Two weekends ago Franklin students had the Friday off of school for February Break, and thanks to our global setting, many students used the long weekend to take an adventure! It is so fun to scan through my Instagram/Facebook feeds and see snapshots of such diverse places. Some students went to classic European cities like Berlin, London, Paris, and Barcelona. Others ventured to more unusual destinations like: Romania, Serbia, Morocco, and Hungary. While others took advantage of the beautiful country we live in and explored Zurich, Grindelwald, and even Lugano!  I know that many of my friends back home like to tease me that I "don't actually

Financial Aid FAQ

Hello everyone! This week has been a little cold and rainy, but I snapped the above photo from my dorm when the sky was blue and I love seeing the remnants of the last snow on San Salvatore.  Blog post #2 of this semester isn't going to be super exciting, but it is super important! Financial aid packages start going out this week. Plus, this Saturday (Feb 15th) is the deadline to submit certain financial aid applications. So keep reading on if you still have some questions about the financial aid process, and hopefully I can answer them!  Q: What kind of aid is offered at Franklin?  A: Franklin offers both need based aid and merit based aid to prospective students.  Q: How do I apply for need based financial aid?  A: For U.S. based students, fill out Franklin's Institutional Aid application ( click here ) by February 15h AND be sure to complete your FAFSA application ( click here )  For non U.S. students, you only need to fill out Franklin's Institutional Aid ap