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Summer Internships!

Downtown Lugano this past weekend! When I returned to Franklin this fall, I knew one of my first Adventures at Franklin posts would be a showcase of several Franklin student's summer internship experiences! I loved talking to these friends to find out what they learned over the course of summer 2015. Myself and other members of the FlashFunders team at an LA event I'll begin with what I was up to this summer. During my last college summer I lived in Los Angeles, California with a former Franklin student, and interned for an online equity funding platform in Santa Monica. I was one of the Investor Outreach and Marketing interns for FlashFunders , and worked closely with the business development and marketing teams. I focused mainly on curating and developing tools to educate companies and investors on the product and brand. It was a fantastic opportunity to apply what I've learned here at Franklin as a management and finance student in the workplace. I belie

Hello, Fall 2015!

Driving near campus in Lugano.  Hello there and welcome back to Franklin! I certainly am feeling emotional about this being my fourth and last year here in Lugano. I remember distinctly how many people told me how quickly this time would pass, but of course I didn't believe them and now here we are. Franklin has been a whirlwind experience that has encompassed the highest highs and lowest lows of my life, and I'm grateful for all of it. I wanted to come back here early this fall and participate in Orientation  and it was so lovely to get to meet all of the new students to listen to their fresh perspectives and be able to answer some of the many questions they had. It's a great group of adventurous, smart, and kind students and they are all a welcome addition to Franklin! For me, this year will personally be a combination of finishing strong academically, going deeper with the relationships that have made Franklin the best years of my life, and hopefully finding