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Introduction to the Blogger: Rhys Williams

Ciao a tutti, and welcome back to Adventures at Franklin ! The blogging torch has been passed yet again, and I will be taking over for this academic year. So let me introduce myself: Name: Rhys Williams Hometown: Bloomfield, New Jersey Year: Sophomore Studies: Undeclared, leaning towards CLCS or COM FUS Dorm Residence: New B Interests: Dancing, cooking, eating, traveling, reading, etc. I’m excited to give people access to more content about Franklin and the community we live in. Before that though, I thought I would introduce myself and what my experience at FUS has been like so far. Although the main focus of attending Franklin is academics, there are plenty of opportunities to have memorable experiences both in Sorengo (the area in which FUS is located) and more globally. Sorengo, and the larger community, Lugano, is a beautiful area which is known as a 'must-see' spot, especially in Europe, because of its geography. It is lakeside in the mountains a