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Fall 2016 Academic Travel Experiences! Part 2

Hello there!  This week, I am pleased to bring you part two of the Academic Travel Experiences post . So keep reading if you would like to hear about Fall 2016's Academic Travel courses to Scotland, Spain, and the Alps. A group photo of Measuring the Alps students, taken by Professor Prisner . . . Name : Trevor Herden Class level : Senior Major/Minor : IR/German Studies From : Wadsworth, IL Academic Travel Course : Symbolizing Scottish Folk Briefly describe your Academic Travel course - what is the concept behind the course, what did you learn about, and where did you go for the travel component? The course focuses on the nature of Scottish identity and especially Scottish identity in its fractured and diverse depictions. Prior to travel, we watched a number of movies that depicted various ideas of Scotland and Scottishness, and used those concepts we developed on the travel in order to better understand the complicated identity of Scots and

Key Words and Phrases to Know in the Major Swiss Languages

Something that many people unfamiliar with Switzerland do not know is that it is a multilingual country.  Switzerland has four national languages : German, French, Italian, and Romansh. Contrary to what some people believe, this does not mean that every Swiss person can speak all four languages. In fact, although many (if not most) people are multilingual, they tend to stick to the language of their region when it comes to communicating and consuming media. Every Franklin student knows the value of picking up a few words of the many languages they encounter — and when it comes to getting around in the Italian-speaking region of Switzerland, where Franklin is located, it's definitely useful to have some terms at hand.  By Marco Zanoli (sidonius 13:20, 18 June 2006 (UTC)) - Swiss Federal Statistical Office; census of 2000, CC BY-SA 3.0, I thought I would use this post to provide some linguistic basics when it comes t

Fall 2016 Academic Travel Experiences!

Hello all,  As you may know, Franklin students are freshly returned from Academic Travel, which took place during the last week of October and the first week of November this semester.  My friend Maddie and I in protective beekeeping gear while exploring  European Food Systems .  (More at the end of the post.) I asked other students to report how their courses went, in terms of memorable experiences, course projects, and the moments in which they learned or were surprised by something. I think you'll find that their responses eloquently reflect the true spirit of Academic Travel. So keep reading to find out more! . . . Visiting Gödöllö Castle Name : Gioia Chaouch Class level : Junior Major/Minor : History and International Relations, minors in Italian Studies and Management From : Melrose, Massachusetts and Tunis, Tunisia Academic Travel Course :  In the Wake of the Hapsburg Empire: Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest Briefly describe your Academic Trav