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Fowler Learning Commons!

Students hard at work! A new and exciting happening at Franklin this year has been the successful opening of the Fowler Learning Commons. This space was created through a generous gift from alumna and trustee, Angela Fowler, and has expanded our student study space on campus tremendously. Located on Franklin's North Campus, this space has provided an even better locale for students to come study, hang out, and get tutoring help with our fantastic  Writing and Learning Center  students. The loveliest study space. Our Director of the Writing and Learning Center,  Professor Ann Gardiner , spoke of the space, saying: "The ways in which students learn today have changed dramatically over the last two decades, with a new emphasis on collaborative and technology-enhanced learning. A typical learning commons space includes not only quiet space for individual study, but also casual reading spaces, group study areas, brainstorming environments, presentation preparation are

Living Well in Lugano

^^ gorgeous Magnolia blossoms near the train station, welcome spring!!  In accordance with trying to impart all of my senior year wisdom to the next generation of Franklin students before I graduate, this post is all about 'how to live in Lugano and LOVE it!' It is one part a collection of my favorite places in & around town, and one part tips for living well in Lugano!  First, the places:  SORENGO & MONTAGNOLA (Our Neighborhood) -- The Monastery / There is a beautiful monastery above the New Building and Giardino dorms that is easily accessible to students. You can either take the stone stairs by the Giardino dorm (behind Giardino, on the back path between the Giardino dorm and New Building, not via Ponte Tresa) OR if you are taking the back path to North Campus from the New Building residence just turn left at the elementary school instead of right and you will reach the monastery. It offers a perfect bench to take in the view.  -- Laghetto trail

Academic Travel: South Africa!

Hello everyone! The past two weeks encompassed several of the most beautiful moments of my life so far. I had the great fortune to travel to South Africa with 22 seniors who I feel so grateful to know. Professor Zanecchia gave us the gift of a lifetime by sharing his time, energy and love of South Africa with our class. It's really difficult to put into words how incredible of an Academic Travel it was, but I will try! The theme of our travel course was Culture and Resource Conservation  where we focused on the challenges of economic and political development and the ties to wildlife and natural resource conservation. We were lucky enough to partner with a fantastic organization,  Conservation Global  and were led by Franklin alumna, Ellie Leaning '14, around the Cape Town region. Ellie worked in Boston before moving to South Africa to join Conservation Global. The organization was founded in 2011 with the motive to provide students within the faculty of conservatio