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Welcome Back to Adventures at Franklin

Ciao a tutti, and welcome back to Adventures at Franklin ! We’re two months into the Fall semester here at Franklin University Switzerland, so I’ll do a brief recap of what you have missed so far: We’ve welcomed 192 fresh new faces to campus! Tutte Le Strade events are wrapping up. Students have had the chance to attend student-led trips to traipse around castles, sample local cuisine (gelato, obviously), and hike some nearby mountains. FUS has hosted a variety of wonderful events and lectures, including the 3 rd  Edition of High-Level Symposium on Cybersecurity, and a screening at the Lugano Human Rights Film Festival. Franklin professors, Dr. Alison Vogelaar and Dr. Fintan Hoey, speaking on a panel at the Lugano Human Rights Film Festival. SGA  has been putting on fun events for students, such as a nighttime boat cruise around Lake Lugano. Students enjoy Lugano by night as the SGA sponsored boat cruise passes by Melide, a municipality alongside the lake. Th