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Holiday Traditions at Franklin & Around Lugano

Lugano's holiday tree in Piazza della Riforma It looks like we've made it to the end of the semester! As the year's end is quickly closing in upon us, I thought I would write a post about what the holiday season is like at Franklin. There are many events celebrated here on campus, in downtown in Lugano and throughout Switzerland. A festive atmosphere and reasons to celebrate can help alleviate the stress of final exams and papers before we all go our separate ways for the holidays. The last few weeks have been full of activity, from day trips to Basel to simple celebrations and reminders of what really matters. Keep reading for a recap of what's been happening at Franklin. Thankful Tuesday  - November 22nd Hosted by Franklin's Student Government Association, this event aimed to promote a positive environment where students were able to write thank you notes to other students, professors and staff members. The cards were then delivered to the re

Guest Post! Meet Alyssa + Spotlight on Franklin Students

Dear Readers, This week, I am pleased to bring you a guest post by a talented writer and hard-working student on campus. Keep scrolling to learn more about Alyssa, what she does at Franklin, and what she prepared for this week's post! Enjoy. . . . . . . . . . . . . Hi everyone! My name is Alyssa Viernes, and I am a Junior here at Franklin University Switzerland. My major is Visual Communication Arts with an emphasis in Fashion Studies and a minor in Marketing. If you’re not familiar with me already, check out my Franklin related posts here . My post on Odyssey, “ 8 Misconceptions about Franklin University Switzerland ” already has 889 views and 103 social media shares! Our Franklin blogger, Gabrielle, asked me to guest-post on Adventures at Franklin. I thought about what I could write about, and decided writing about my experiences working for the Annual Franklin Phonathon would be an interesting topic. In case you don't know what the Phonathon is, it

Professor Perspectives: Part 3

Welcome to this week's post! After the popularity of the previous Professor Perspectives , it seemed only natural that this is a series worth continuing. Therefore, below you can find my interviews of three faculty members. I think you'll find their perspectives to be extremely interesting. Please enjoy! Professor Johanna Fassl Associate Professor, Department Chair, Art History and Visual Communication Professor, what brought you to Franklin? "Essentially, it was my job that brought me to Franklin. I was very excited when I saw the position advertised and responded immediately. The choice to apply for the job was driven by two things: it was certainly the location but more so the international profile and the diversity of students and faculty. To see that people came from important universities from all over the world and with the most diverse research profiles. Plus, you can sense that everybody has a twist. Since I’m not somebody who can be put in a box, I th