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Tips on How to Live with Roommates

Here at FUS, there’s a LOT of different dorm possibilities. Single, double, triple with or without separate rooms, apartments for six rooms… all of it, really. Most FUS students get to experience a few of those arrangements during their time here, so this article may be helpful to them or incoming students. Without these tips, I had to learn from hands-on experience! I had my own room back home so it was definitely different. This article touches on a few tips which I’ve learned from my current experience as someone in Panera… which if you don’t know has a shared bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living space. My roommates and I have made this work, but not without communicating and understanding the social cues we give off. Decide what space is who’s So.. there's a book space. Who has which shelves? In the bathroom, where is each person able to store their stuff? Be prepared to sacrifice space in areas you don’t really care about but others do, it’s only courteous. In regards to kit

Discovering One's Major: Student Stories at FUS

*For prospective students that don’t fully understand the US university system: A major is a specific subject a student specializes in during their time at university while a minor is typically pursued based on interests that don’t fall exactly under the major, but still are valuable to one’s education and personal interests. Some abbreviations used: SJS = Social Justice and Sustainability HIS = History IR = International relations As a first-year student at FUS, knowing what college path is the best fit for me is definitely not my expertise. I’m currently between three majors (SJS/HIS/IR), two of which I’d possibly want to double major in. However, there’s a bit of planning that has to be done before any of that can be decided. Perhaps I’d want to minor in one instead! So yes, it’s quite complicated and I really need to put some more thought into it and in the meantime, get other’s advice. Fortunately, also getting to hear others’ personal interests has helped me get a better underst