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The Joys of Independent Travel!

A sunny Saturday afternoon in Amsterdam. One of the greatest benefits of studying at Franklin has been the chance to learn about other places, grow as an individual, and strengthen relationships with fellow students through independent travel. People often ask me about how expensive it is to travel, and I answer honestly -- I budget and work during the summer in order to "play" in Europe on many of the weekends over the semester. Especially when booked and coordinated in advance, it can be relatively inexpensive to adventure in new places and it is always, always worth it. Personally I believe there are no bad experiences, because every experience teaches me a lesson, whether big or small. Travel is one of life's greatest teachers, and to me it's one of the best investments I can make for myself and for my friendships. I know everyone is different, but I'd rather buy a trip, which comes along with memories that will last a lifetime, than an outfit or ne

To Be the Parent of a Franklinite (take two!)

Mom and Dad. Hello everyone! I hope you have been having a lovely week -- we got heaps of snow this past weekend here in Lugano which has turned campus into a winter wonderland. I actually got a chance to escape the snow and head to Barcelona to see my wonderful parents who were visiting there. I thought it might be interesting for the blog, and for prospective students who might be reading, to ask them some questions about what they've thought about my experience here at Franklin so far. I thought after three years they might have something to say as Franklin parents! So, a little background. I'm the oldest of three children, my sister is 18 and a freshman at University of San Diego, and my brother is 15 and a freshman in high school. I grew up mainly in Boston, but I also spent time in high school living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, studying Spanish. We have also gone back and forth to Switzerland my whole life, but my mom will elaborate on that! I was the first c

What I missed most about FUS!

From left: Alex, Senior, Canada, International Business Management Sophie, Senior, Oregon, International Banking and Finance and Political Economy Samantha, Senior, Texas, International Management with Marketing Last semester I studied abroad in beautiful Australia - and it was such a wonderful experience. However, I couldn't help but miss Franklin while I was away. Many of the things I yearned for are pretty unique to our school, so I thought I'd share some of them after being back for a few weeks and appreciating this university all over again. From left: Erika, Freshman, California, Undeclared Pierre, Senior, Mexico, International Relations The People I can't adequately put into words how special the community is here, and the people who come from all walks of life and every part of the world. I missed the sense of kinship here and the fact that there are so many incredible opportunities to create lifelong memories with these friends who, I be

Spring Semester Adventures!

Oh hello there! So as Jessica so kindly introduced me, I'm Morgan, a junior from Boston, MA who will be guest blogging this semester as Jessica continues her adventures stateside. I'm very much looking forward to sharing these next couple of months with you, and am more than willing to answer any questions you have along the way! I'm taking several interesting classes this semester, including Quantitative Methods and Dynamic Forecasting, Integrated Marketing Communications, Global Information Systems, and Country Risk Assessment with my academic advisor, and beloved professor, Georges Rocourt. These classes will be sure to keep me busy spending time in the library. Academic Travel this semester promises to be incredible, as I'll be traveling to Morocco to study music. It'll be a very special and bittersweet travel as it will be the last one with many of my favorite friends who will be graduating this May.  I can't imagine a more unique experience than