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My Honest Thoughts on Graduating

"It doesn't matter if you never accomplish your goals or accomplish any one of your dreams, if you are enjoying the journey " -Ryan Higa, American YouTuber. Welcome back or welcome to  Adventures at Franklin! This is my final post. It has been a wonderful experience, and for my last post, I want to provide some of my thoughts on graduating.  I am so happy for the experience of being a Franklin student for 3 and a half years. I have had many great adventures, and met so many wonderful people.  I will look back at the memories and people that I have met with great fondness over the coming years.  I am relieved to be done. I managed my time extremely well over my last semester, so I was never too stressed but at the same time, the closer and closer it got to the end of the semester, the more I wanted to be finished.  I am anxious for the future. I took some time to decide my next steps, and now it is time to actually put what I planned into action. It is frightening, it is

Fall 2020 in Review

"We do not learn from experience we learn from reflecting on experience" -  John Dewey, American philosopher, psychologist, and educational reformer.   Welcome back or welcome to Adventures at Franklin ! Another semester has come and gone, which means another semester in review post. This semester was extremely unique. In the COVID-19 times, we have had to be flexible. Classes, activities, and events all needed to be a hybrid of virtual and in person, so I think it is only fitting that I split this post into these two sections.  In-person:  There were a lot of events just like from years past, but not as many in person. Here are some of the highlights of events that were able to occur in-person. There are a few FUS traditions which I was very happy to see remain.  Virtual:  The beginning of the semester, when many people were in quarantine, had many events online. The Franklin community really did their best and tried to put together as many events as possible in a virtual

Why I came to Franklin

"May your choices reflect your hopes , not your fears " -Nelson Mandela,  South African Anti-Apartheid Revolutionary, Political Leader and Philanthropist. Orientation 2017 (you can see me near the front!) Welcome back or welcome to Adventures at Franklin! This is my final week at Franklin University Switzerland :O and I wanted to share why I chose FUS, so that any prospective students who are thinking about attending FUS can get an idea about on whether or not to consider FUS. This post was inspired by a post of the same title , written by Jessica ( Adventures at Franklin creator).  Quite simply, I chose Franklin University Switzerland because it fit me and what I wanted from my university experience.  Firstly, I did not want to be a face in the crowd. Franklin's small student population makes it so every student can stand out if they want to and not just be a number. Professors will know who you are, staff will know who you are, and students will know who you are. I alw