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The Ultimate Packing List

I am a highly organized person and all who know me know that I am constantly making lists and planning anything + everything I can. So as an incoming freshman I was desperate for some kind of list that would answer all my packing questions! I can't promise that this list will do that for you, but it is fairly comprehensive and I tried to focus on things an incoming student wouldn't necessarily think of (i.e. I'm not going to tell you how many pairs of socks to bring). This is of course just my opinion and more geared towards girls (because that's what I know) but I think it truly can be a useful packing tool for anyone, and if nothing else, I included a few packing tips which are sure to help. So enjoy!  How to Pack Smart   Tip #1: Prioritize Pack the shoes + clothing you will use the most and leave behind that one pair of shoes you've only worn twice or that sweater that in theory looks cute but you've never really loved. Honestly it was rather refr

10 Signs That You Attend Franklin College

(1) Two to four different kinds of currency can be found in your wallet at any given time.  Not to mention, that you know the (approx.) exchange rate for euros and francs off the top of your head. (2) You carry your passport in your backpack, because there is no use putting it away. (3) It is completely normal to be riding a train through the german-speaking region of Switzerland, working on Italian homework while eating a French macaroon. (4) You have a picture in the "newspaper tunnel" (5) Chocolate is a daily necessity. You know your favorite brand, favorite % of cocoa and favorite flavors. (6) You often take a trip up to the monastery to study or relax. (7) You never pass by this water fountain without taking a drink.  (hint: ask your OMs why, its a bit of Franklin folklore) (8) Mt San Salvatore (aka San Sal) is an iconic landmark which you orient yourself around.  (9) You don’t think it’s funny when someone confuses Switzerland

Meet the OM's

  I am so excited to introduce you to some of the most caring, intelligent, and awesome people I have met at Franklin: your Fall 2013 orientation mentors! In all seriousness the OM position is highly sought after and lucky incoming freshmen truly are getting the cream of the crop this year. Each and every OM is stoked to help you adjust to life at Franklin College and have the best experience of your life. So without further adieu, here they are ----------> Meet the Orientation Mentors: Fall 2013 from FC Switzerland Blog on Vimeo . F.A.Q's  (1) What exactly does OM stand for?  Good point, let's start with the basics. I know before I came to Franklin I felt like I was the only one who had no idea what an OM, AM or ISM was! So many abbreviations flying around! So here is a quick cheat sheet: OM = Orientation Mentor, we run orientation week and each OM heads an Orientation Group, a small group of aprox. ten students. AM= Academic mentor, every FYS (first year semi