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Useful Free Apps That Every Franklin Student Needs

Ciao amici!  I’m not here to tell you to download Spotify, the FUS App,  or the SBB App. While those are especially useful, they’re also obvious. Before I begin, some other obvious and necessary apps are Whatsapp (a messaging app primarily used everywhere but in the USA) and the Covid Certification App (Swiss QR code is valid in EU countries as well). This link shows you how to get the QR Code! Now, here are 7 apps that you may not have heard about that could be extremely useful for your international college experience! You can save money and more efficiently go about your day :). Opodo Opodo is probably where you can find the cheapest flights out there. I’ve been able to find $4.99 flights from Vienna to Milan and a $15.99 flight from Milan to London.  There’s also a “prime deal” you can try out for free for a month that gets you even cheaper flights and hotel deals. Make sure to cancel the subscription before it’s up though unless you want to pay for it! Apple link to download.

Differentiating ‘Honors’ Initiatives at FUS

  Photos taken by Junior, Arpi Khachatryan at the last Honors Society’s Learned Conversation Introduction Ciao amici! So little storytime. At the club fair this year I had to explain to about 10 freshmen that the FUS Honors Society isn’t like the exclusive ‘The Honors Society’ in American High Schools. Alas it’s quite the opposite really. It’s inclusive to all with no grade requirement.  Additionally, FUS also has the Honors Program and Honors Scholarship that get confused with each other. The Honors Program is the closest to a traditional American Honors Society, except not mostly just for show. Finally, the Honors Scholarship is an invite-only opportunity that flies out prospective students to Lugano!  The overall point of this article is to differentiate the Honors initiatives from each other and listing out everything they include. Additionally, participation/inclusion in one does not translate to another (though in some cases it is recommended!) Honors Society – A School Club Fir