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Advice about Franklin Q & A

Somehow in the blink of an eye, after four years at Franklin, we are graduating this weekend!! So for our final blogpost we thought we'd do a joint Q & A and answer some questions to offer our final advice about life at Franklin. We miss you all already!  Q: What advice would you give to your freshmen self?  Jessica: Don’t be afraid to speak up more in class! I took a few upper level courses my freshmen year. And especially my first semester when I had a few classes with older students I was so intimidated by them that even though I did all the readings, was regularly prepared for class and had things to contribute to the discussion, I often stayed silent. Huge mistake. Now that I am a senior it's so apparent to me that I should have contributed more! I had legitimate points to add to the discussion, and moreover I was probably a lot more prepared than some of those seniors were ;) Plus professors notice who is participating in class and you’ll make a better

Spring events on campus!

This semester has flown by, filled with a myriad of fun events which have been packing Franklin students' schedule tight. Holi: Festival of Colors My absolute favorite Franklin event is Holi, the Indian celebration of colors, meant to ring in spring and celebrate life. This year's festivities were no exception -- it was an incredible event which a majority of the student body turned out for!    Franklin Seniors and best friends, celebrating Holi one last time! Lovely ladies representing Switzerland, Brazil, the U.S., Greece, and Saudi Arabia! TedX Lugano Another recent successful spring event was the third annual TEDx Lugano , which attracted a host of Franklin faces, as well as local Lugano residents. This TEDx event focused was themed "Future Wealth" and some of Franklin's very own professors were speakers at this amazing event on campus. The speakers at the event included medical visionaries, designers, international explorers, in