My Honest Thoughts on Graduating

"It doesn't matter if you never accomplish your goals or accomplish any one of your dreams, if you are enjoying the journey" -Ryan Higa, American YouTuber.

Welcome back or welcome to Adventures at Franklin! This is my final post. It has been a wonderful experience, and for my last post, I want to provide some of my thoughts on graduating. 

I am so happy for the experience of being a Franklin student for 3 and a half years. I have had many great adventures, and met so many wonderful people. I will look back at the memories and people that I have met with great fondness over the coming years. 

I am relieved to be done. I managed my time extremely well over my last semester, so I was never too stressed but at the same time, the closer and closer it got to the end of the semester, the more I wanted to be finished. 

I am anxious for the future. I took some time to decide my next steps, and now it is time to actually put what I planned into action. It is frightening, it is something new, and it is something unknown. In a pre-pandemic world it would have been difficult, but now there are so many uncertainties and it is a challenge. Life definitely does not get any easier after graduation. I have to make my own decisions now and I do not have the great and immediate support provided by the FUS community, but hopefully I can manage.

Despite the anxiety, I am hopeful. I know that what I obtained from my time at FUS will help me with my future. I am a better writer, a better speaker, more patient, more confident, and more resourceful than when I first stepped onto campus 3 and a half years ago, so I am hopeful that I can move onto the "real world" and do alright :)

My last word to Franklin students: enjoy the experience. It won't last forever, and once you are done, you have to face bigger challenges. Enjoy the experience, enjoy the highs and the lows, the obstacles, and take as much from it as you can. 

Adventures at Franklin will return next semester with a new writer. This blog has been such a great experience for me. I have written 37 posts over the past year, and whenever I look back at them, I will remember my time as an FUS student. I hope this blog will continue to hold the stories for future Franklin generations. 

For the last time...
A presto,
Asa (FUS '20.5)


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