Introduction to the Blogger: Rhys Williams

Ciao a tutti, and welcome back to Adventures at Franklin!

The blogging torch has been passed yet again, and I will be taking over for this academic year. So let me introduce myself:

Name: Rhys Williams
Hometown: Bloomfield, New Jersey
Year: Sophomore
Studies: Undeclared, leaning towards CLCS or COM
FUS Dorm Residence: New B
Interests: Dancing, cooking, eating, traveling, reading, etc.

I’m excited to give people access to more content about Franklin and the community we live in. Before that though, I thought I would introduce myself and what my experience at FUS has been like so far. Although the main focus of attending Franklin is academics, there are plenty of opportunities to have memorable experiences both in Sorengo (the area in which FUS is located) and more globally.

Sorengo, and the larger community, Lugano, is a beautiful area which is known as a 'must-see' spot, especially in Europe, because of its geography. It is lakeside in the mountains and very close to the Italian border. There are lots of opportunities for day trips to other Swiss and Italian towns and the Milano Malpensa airport is a few hours away which means that it’s easy to buy a 50 euro roundtrip flight to Britain, Spain, etc. But, in my day to day life, my favorite thing to do here is go to one of the many parks around town with friends, have a picnic and soak up the beautiful views and good company. Recently, I went up to Parco del Tassino (known by most FUS students as Pink Castle Park) with friends. The pathway up to the park is a little hidden but is maybe a 5-10 minute walk from campus and has a beautiful view of the lake and the surrounding mountains.

Because of Franklin’s location and international student base, you don’t have to go anywhere to experience new cultures, meet new people, and find beautiful places. But of course, everyone here does travel, giving everyone new stories to share and plenty of opportunities to become closer to each other while experiencing new places. Academic classes give students similar opportunities but with the added guidance of teachers from around the world who are also excited to share their experiences in their field and abroad. That, to me, makes Franklin the perfect place to grow both academically and personally while feeling both supported and challenged.

Since FUS is a small school it is not surprising to run into people you know around town.


So stay tuned for more Adventures at FUS :)


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