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Name: Ember Mulcahy
Hometown: Marin County, California
Year: Senior
Studies: Major in International Management; minor in Communications and Media Studies
FUS Dorm Residence: New A
Interests: Hiking; running; water sports; cooking; eating (mostly cheese and chocolate); and traveling

The goal of this post is to show you all what an average day in my life at FUS looks like. Franklin is an extremely unique campus, and it’s difficult to explain everything that goes on here, so I figured it would be easier to show you…

Friday February 16th, 2018

I started off my day with a run around the Laghetto di Muzzano, a small lake located directly behind my Franklin campus. Franklin students spend a few days per academic year volunteering with the Swiss environmental protection agency Pro Natura to keep this lake clean and beautiful. Before coming to Franklin, I was not much of a runner, but it's too beautiful in Lugano to not hit the trails. There is no need to drive to a trailhead, you simply step outside the door and are immediately met with amazing views of mountains and lakes. 

Laghetto di Muzzano

After returning to my dorm room in the New Building dorm, I prepared a nice breakfast. Another thing that I didn't do much before coming to Franklin: breakfast; however, since being at FUS I have discovered that it truly is the most important meal of the day.  Something that surprised me when coming to Lugano was that Europeans do not refrigerate their eggs like we do in the United States. I later learned that this is because European egg producers do not wash their eggs before distribution, and therefore the eggs here have an additional protective layer that does not require refrigeration. 

I headed to my French 101 class with Professor Caussette, which is located at the Kaletsch Campus. Kaletsch Campus is often referred to as "Main Campus", because it was the first set of academic buildings on FUS's Sorengo campus. Since FUS was founded in 1969, it has had several locations throughout Lugano before settling in Sorengo. This campus is also home to The Grace Library and Computer Lab, The Grotto Cafeteria, and The Holman Hall Conference Room. 

Entrance to Kaletsch Campus

At Franklin, everyone is required to reach an advanced level in one of the three Swiss languages (Italian, French, or German). I have already completed the minimum requirement for the Italian language. I believe that it is important for Franklin students to learn some Italian to be able to integrate with the surrounding community of LuganoBeing immersed in a country is the best way to learn a language because you can take what you learn in the classroom and go out and speak with people. I am now embarking on a journey to learn French - c'est difficile, mais la langue est très belle. 

FRE 101

The five(ish) minute walk down Via Ponte Tresa between Kaletsch and North Campus is always something to look forward to. Even if I've walked this path hundreds of times over the last four years, it never gets old. In the photo below you can see some of Lugano's beloved mountains (from left to right): Monte Boglia and Monte Bré. Students often hike these mountains when the weather gets warmer. 

Walking with my friend Ksanthipi between Kaletsch and North Campus

I dropped by the North Campus Dining Hall for a quick lunch before my next class. I picked up a half plate of pesto pasta with vegetables, a salad from the salad bar, and a banana. Although I no longer have a meal card like I did when I was a freshman and sophomore, I am still appreciative for the dining halls - especially when I don't have time to go home for food between classes!

The North Campus Dining Hall

After lunch, I headed into North Campus for my final class of the day: Country Risk Assessment with Professor Rocourt. As a major in International Management, I have had the opportunity to take a wide array of Business classes ranging from quantitative courses (e.g. Statistics and Management Science) to more theoretical courses (e.g. Strategic Management Theory and Marketing). I am taking this particular class to fulfill my final upper-level Business elective requirement before graduation. We are currently learning about a variety of methodologies used to assess country financial and political risk from the perspective of external investors. 

The entrance of North Campus

BUS 415W: Country Risk Assessment

Below you can see my first views of the beautiful weekend ahead! The view from North Campus is stunning, especially when the skies are clear and the sun is shining.  
Views from FUS's North Campus

After departing my final class I headed down the hill to meet my friends at the Lugano train station to take a train to Milan, where we had plans to spend the weekend. The train ride to Milan only takes an hour, and can be as cheap as 13 Swiss Francs. My friends and I rented an Airbnb in Milan for the weekend to enjoy the sites, shopping, and amazing food that the fashion capital has to offer. Planning a trip - no matter how near or far - is one of the most exciting things a person can do! If you need any help planning your next trip, just ask a Franklin student - they can probably find you better deals than any travel agent.

The hectic Milano Centrale train station

Airbnb in Milan

I hope that you've enjoyed spending the day with me, and that you have gotten a little insight into what life is like as a Franklin student. If you have any questions about all things Franklin, feel free to comment below!

Grazie & a presto,



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